Mana is an impassioned designer with a wide range of skills ranging from residential and commercial developments to infrastructure planning and interiors. Her keen interest in design and finishes has led her to be integral part of JLA’s interiors practice.

Originally from Tehran, Iran, she brings a unique design perspective informed by a rich traditional Middle Eastern architecture that is emboldened by her experience in Europe. Combining personal inspiration with clients’ needs and the firm’s sense of playfulness, Mana injects style and sophistication into her work, balancing material and finish selections with furniture and fixture assortments to complement the architectural details. She is able to merge beauty with functionality, blending color and texture with modern design to create curated spaces. 

Since joining JLA in 2014, she has proudly worked on some inspiring projects in San Francisco, including Golden Gate Heights, Grand View and the Christoffersen Bath.

Bachelor of Architecture, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
Master of Infrastructure Planning, Stuttgart University, Germany

Our home is a mirror reflection of who we aspire to be.”


This bridge is called Nature Bridge.  It is from Mana’s hometown, Tehran, and was designed by a friend, who was a classmate as an undergraduate.

An avid sushi lover, Mana referenced the fish as her spirit animal when interviewing for her internship.

The sushi and cucumber sandwich fish were created and photographed by Mana.