San Francisco

Photography: Paul Dyer

2018 Remodelista Considered Design Awards:
Best Professional Bath (finalist)

Christoffersen Bath
Contemplative space for bathing.

This minimal master bath combines purity of line with natural light. Beginning as a nondescript 8-foot high, windowless basement master bath, the ceiling was raised to a dramatic 13-feet upon discovery of an unused mechanical space that had been left over when the house was built in the 1980s. Utilizing this newfound height paved way for a clerestory window above the existing concrete foundation, allowing daylight into this formerly, gloomy locale. Inspired by Corbusier’s monastery, La Tourette, the curved ceiling directs the natural light downward, creating an even, ethereal glow. A vessel bathtub, marble shelf for ikebana, and hand-troweled white plaster, add to the monastic feel, while the oak vanity and dressing area cabinetry with smoke-glass wardrobe, provide a sense of calm.