San Francisco

Photography: Paul Dyer

2018 Remodelista Considered Design Awards:
Best Professional Bath (finalist)

Christoffersen Bath
This minimal master bath combines purity of line with natural light. It’s metamorphosis from a nondescript windowless room into a monastic-feeling, architectural place of refuge, reflects a clean aesthetic rarely seen in an ensuite. To maximize the footprint and create a sense of proportion, we opened up a crawl space. This unused interstitial space was discovered during renovation, allowing the ceiling to be increased to almost 13-feet. A marble shelf and recessed lighting suggest a contemplative transitional space within the spacious shower stall. New clerestory windows feature a curved ceiling which direct sunlight downward, illuminating the freestanding tub, casting light throughout. For a distinct, monolithic look, the soaring walls are swathed in hand-troweled, white cement plaster, which contrast with natural toned furniture and materials. Mirrors, hung symmetrically above a marble-top double wooden vanity, accentuate the black smoked-glass wardrobe doors while streamlined fixtures simplify the room.