San Francisco

Photography: Sharon Risedorph

Eye Gotcha
This very popular Castro optometry office occupies a former garage and contains a retail floor, a pre-test area, lab, two exam rooms, private office, and break area area in a very compact, 1076 square feet. The office was expanded with a 10 foot addition to the rear, while the interior was remodeled in conjunction with a new brand identity update. Inspired by our client’s quirky personality and desire to have a workspace that was playful and futuristic, yet professional, we used Googie imagery with mid-century references to create a dynamic and fun space. From the street, a long display wall containing a random pattern of frame niches and storage, draws the patrons in, encouraging browsing of the entire collection of frames before ending at the receptionist/greeter counter. Three custom, boom-a-rang tables allow for efficient dispensing, while a groovy waiting room and pre-test area give a lounge vibe to a low-ceilinged area of the space. A demising wall punctured with random circles provides levity and lightness. Futurist, custom-display eyeballs float in the main window, catching the eyes of passersby and creating an arresting display. Composed of laser cut acrylic and hand-built in our studio, the design is a continuation of our exploration started with the Dining Womb.