San Francisco

Photography: Sharon Risedorph, Shae Rocco,
and Arrowood

AEC Cafe
2011 Interior Design Best of Year (BoY) Award
2011 AIACC Merit Award, Small Projects

Dining Womb
This installation was created for the 2010 charity event, DIFFA Dining by Design. The Dining Womb creates an extraordinary environment out of an ordinary material: 100% recyclable and reusable cardboard. Conceived as a shelter for twenty adventurous individuals, Dining Womb is composed of 1,100+ individual pieces, precisely fit together to create a lyrical, ribbed structure. The cardboard fins, set into plywood combs, create a complex moiré pattern that allows passersby to catch glimpses of diners within, playfully providing privacy and intrigue to both viewers and the participants. In essence, the environment becomes a horizontal zoetrope. Designed to shield its occupants from the cacophony of the outside world, the sensuous curves of the structure’s integrated bench and table envelop the user in a zen-like space; perfect for intimate dinner conversation and celebration. Constructed in two-foot modules, the customizable Womb can be utilized for intimate tête-à-têtes, or infinitely expanded for large gatherings.