Bret Walters, AIA, NCARB


"The play of unexpected materiality within design is always a joy to me."

Bret joined John Lum Architecture in 2010 with 18+ years of design/build, development, and construction experience. As an awarded interdisciplinary designer, Bret brings a deep expertise of materiality and artistry to his projects. He enjoys exploring new technologies and balancing practical application with personal expression. A hands-on, visual-spatial thinker, Bret has been responsible for the integration of advanced 3D software and modeling capabilities into JLA’s process, to better communicate design intent while maximizing operational efficiencies. His passion for creative problem-solving is reflected in his approach to client projects. In addition to design, project and financial management, Bret is dedicated to fostering the staff, and is a key player in the firm’s expansion into new market sectors.

“I love the irony that the advancement of digital fabrication and computational form often reverts to almost baroque forms that reference nature.”

Bret received a BA Architecture (High Distinction) from  California College of the Arts in 2010. Registered Architect, CO

Signature Projects:

  • DIFFA Dining Womb: Bret’s first project! A dining installation-environment that afforded unhindered freedom to explore materiality, launching JLA’s in-house micro-maker studio. The project received an AIA California Council Merit Award for Small Projects, 2011
  • Mortuary Project: In-progress contemplative space that pushes the boundaries of inclusive design to span all religious beliefs
  • Upper Happy Valley: Visually dynamic additions clad in Shou-Sugi-Ban screens create cultural reference to the wife’s Japanese heritage and dance aesthetic
Column Detail

The World’s Most Complex Architecture:
Cardboard Column with 16 Million Facets, Michael Hansmeyer


The World’s Most Complex Architecture:
Cardboard Column with 16 Million Facets, Michael Hansmeyer



Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi