San Francisco

Photography: Paul Dyer

South China Morning Post
Not A Paper House
88 Design Box
Home Snapshots

Superbly minimal. 

This CEO wanted a refuge from his busy travel schedule. Nothing flashy. Just simple so that he could be in a calm space given his hectic work life. The envelope was not expanded, but the entire two-story Marina-style house was gutted with a new master suite and study installed at the garden level to take advantage of the private backyard. A new roof deck was added to allow for sunbathing and views of the Kite Hill rock outcroppings. The restrained color palette of black and white, matches the client’s extensive black and white photography collection. Furnishings and architectural details were also reduced to the minimal. The superbly streamlined kitchen is unapologetically rectangular. The living area is serene with warm, white furnishings, and the master bath is richly monastic with its oversized tub and rain shower head. A stunning, steel staircase links all three levels and is topped by a retractable skylight, providing a dynamic entry to the roof deck.