San Francisco

Photography: Sharon Risedorph

Luna Lounge
This hip nightclub located in the trendy South of Market club district of San Francisco was remodeled under a very limited budget. A defunct utility area was transformed into an after-hours room with a 60’s-inspired padded lounge banquette for intimate conversation. Panton chairs and a new stainless-clad bar complement the space, while a backlit liquor storage unit cleverly hides a required ADA toilet room behind. The existing main bar was remodeled and new banquette-style seating installed. Lit from within, the banquettes confer an alluring glow to the bar while providing an efficient and economical seating arrangement. Communicating openings provide glimpses to the adjacent dance floor. A smoking lounge completes the design with its bold, psychedelic graphic and vivid, black-light lit ceiling.