San Francisco

Photography: Robert Schlatter

Museum of Craft and Design

Cube II
We were commissioned by the Museum of Craft and Design to create a piece for New West Coast Design 2; an exhibit exploring the idea of function, exploiting materials, innovative techniques, and pioneering applications of new technology, in the world of design. We embarked on a topographical exploration of cardboard. The design is based on using the biometrics of a person, translating these measurements into form, which optimizes comfort by shaping a cavity that matches his/her body type. For the exterior of the chair, we chose the pure form of a cube to emphasize the organic within the architectural. Furthering the customization process, we also added deformations to house personal objects, such as books and mobile devices, that one might imagine for ultimate comfort and convenience. The 3-D software gave us the ability to create a unique, individual, bespoke piece; literally, a manifestation of human form, technology and biometrics.