San Francisco

Photography: Oonagh Davis
Eyewear: Blake Kuwahara

2020 VMSD Look Book

Blake Kuwahara
We created an iconic display to show off the upscale Blake Kuwahara Eyewear brand. Handcrafted in Japan in limited numbers, Blake Kuwahara Eyewear is redefining fashion with their unique designs. As part of a retail program, we developed a series of three modular, reconfigurable units for in-store environments. Riffing off the brand’s unconventional style, we constructed the displays out of layers of sturdy cardboard. The stacked designs take their cue from a tiered turntable. The layered lightweight “shelves” are secured to an 8”x8” fiberboard base by a copper rod, in which the shelves can be rotated 360-degrees and pivoted at different angles to create various configurations. For further branding, the logo is etched into a masonite panel which affixes to the base. Available in 3.5 feet and 5 feet, the units are easily collapsable, for flat-packed shipping, extending their usability to traveling trade and trunk shows.