Photography: Sharon Risedorph

Rothman Residence
Embracing color to energize a ranch-style house.

This newly married couple were combining households and wanted to remodel the husband’s house. The wife, a fine art photographer who specializes in documenting domestic scenes, was not afraid of color. She wanted a lively and dynamic color scheme to energize the somewhat mundane, slightly-worn ranch-style house. Choosing vibrant orange countertops, acid green mosaic backsplash tile, walnut cabinetry, colorful fabrics, and Flos light fixtures, pays homage to the mid-century, but with an updated, knowing playful eye. A hidden pivot door clad in a random board pattern “hides” the problem of seeing into the kitchen upon entering the house. In contrast, the master bath is a sea of blue glass and ethereal water colors. Serene, calm, and a perfect place of refuge after a stressful day at work.