San Francisco

Photography: Sharon Risedorph

Novak Residence
A juxtaposition of old and new.

This surprising renovation of a standard Anderson House in Noe Valley is juxtaposition of old and new. The client desired to maintain the charm of the original woodwork, while clearly distinguishing the new renovation as a modern intervention. A former porch that had been added onto the back of the house was rebuilt into a sleek, modernist metal-clad cube. Accordion doors with a dining table on wheels, invites dinner parties to literally roll into the back yard, weather permitting. The traditional double-parlor configuration was maintained while the kitchen wall was removed at the rear parlor to create a great room. A new kitchen island welcomes guests to share a drink while the owners prepare dinner. Upstairs, a master bedroom suite was created by inserting a new bathroom and closet under the sloped ceiling of the front bedroom. Clad in a stunning blue glass tile, this tightly designed but highly functional space allows this family of four to live comfortably without having to go to the expense of further expansion. The basement was converted into a family room, and guest quarters.