Dining Womb Installation

DIFFA - Dining by Design - San Francisco

This installation was created for the 2010 charity event Dining by Design for DIFFA and received several awards including a 2011 Merit Award from the CCAIA for Small Projects.

The Dining Womb creates an extraordinary environment out of an ordinary material: 100% recyclable and reusable cardboard. Conceived as a shelter for twenty adventurous individuals, Dining Womb is composed of over 1,100 individual pieces precisely fit together to create a lyrical, ribbed structure. The cardboard fins, set into plywood combs, create a complex moiré pattern that allows passersby to catch glimpses of diners within, playfully providing privacy and intrigue to both viewers and the participants. In essence, the environment becomes a horizontal zoetrope.

Designed to shield its occupants from the cacophony of the outside world, the sensuous curves of the Dining Womb’s integrated bench and table envelop the user in a zen-like space, perfect for intimate dinner conversation and celebration.

Constructed in two-foot modules, the customizable Womb can be utilized for intimate tête-à-têtes, or infinitely expanded for large gatherings.