• Where to Buy: Portola and Excelsior

    As San Francisco continues to expand to meet the demands of its swiftly growing population, residents of the city’s south side are revitalizing their neighborhoods.  We’ve teamed up with hospitality tech giant Air BnB and the city’s leading (and local!) real estate group Paragon Real Estate to bring you a peek at two pockets of San Francisco ripe for development.

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  • Pacific Union Real Estate Report : Q2

    Our friend Alan Morcos of Pacific Union Real Estate produces an excellent Quarterly Report, among other publications. Get a high-level look at what’s happening and what to expect in the San Francisco real estate market in this insightful video report.

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  • Practical Guide to Design

    I thought it might be interesting to share how we, as architects, help our clients. One of the most frequently asked questions from my clients is how to make their house projects greener. Although there are many things one can do, ultimately the most important thing is to value the limited resources that we have, and to utilize them wisely.
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  • Design Rx for Your Home Remodel: An Interview with John Lum

    John gives some valuable info about what architects do, including some cool insight into some of the most important benefits of working with them, what questions you should ask before the design process, and tips to make sure your remodel/building project goes as smoothly as possible.

    What are some important questions to ask an architect before beginning the design process?  What are some of the biggest issues that architects and homeowners face when it comes to remodeling a house? To read the whole interview click here

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