Carlos Hernandez

Production Designer

“There is ALWAYS a LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL.”


Clorindo Testa, Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina – C. Hernandez, 2007, Buenos Aires

I have always been cognizant of the senses and emotions that light adds to structures, materials, and our natural surroundings. Whether it is artificial or natural light, the experience of light at different times of day and night highlights varying perspectives, shapes, and colors.


SANNA. Christian Dior Omotesando. – C. Hernandez, 2015, Tokyo

The Christian Dior Retail Store in Tokyo, Japan, shows how a structure can become a beacon of light at night, showcasing not only its product but also highlighting the activity of the customers inside. During the day, the store transforms back into a clean white box that is private and unrevealing to the passersby.


Carlos Barrado + Monica Bertolino Arquitectos. Jardin Botanico de Cordoba. – C. Hernandez, 2008, Cordoba, Argentina

The everchanging natural light at the Jardin Botanico de Cordoba highlights variations of space as time lapses, creating new experiences and divisions within the same structure.


Saha Hadid Architects. Burnham Pavilion (Temporary Pavilion). – C. Hernandez, 2009, Chicago

With every project that I take part in, I am always intrigued by how artificial and natural light can change the feel of a space. I move forward with the objective of learning how light can be used to evoke peace, joy, hope, and even surprise – and with the intent of using light mindfully and deliberately to transform a space from good to great.

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2003
Master of Architecture – Arizona State University, 2009